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ISPM Standards Heat Treated Timber


At Crating Solutions UK Ltd we can also provide ISPM Standards Heat Treated Timber Pallets from standard size to  3820mm x 2190mm x 2100mm upwards (as pictured below) with the capacity to hold a mass of 3.5 tonnes. We can manufacture bespoke pallets  from 3+ UK Tons / 1000+ Kgs.

Pests and diseases can be carried on plants and trees, seeds, wood and wood products, including wooden packaging material. They may also be carried on vehicles and machinery where they have not been properly cleaned and are carrying soil or plant debris. If you intend to export such material out of Great Britain to countries outside The EU you must comply with the importing country’s plant health regulations.

Many countries have introduced import requirements based on International Standard for a phytosanitary measure ISPM 15 guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade. You should not need a phytosanitary certificate where the wood packaging material has been manufactured or repaired by a company authorised to do so and to treat and mark their product under a national programme.

Wood packaging means any kind of wood packaging, e.g. packing cases, boxes, crates, drums, spools, pallets, box pallets, pallet collars, and loose timber, these all have to be heat treated before dispatch. Crating Solutions UK Ltd manufacture to these standards and guilde lines. You can be sure that every product that leaves our production factory have been manufactured to these International guidelines. 

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