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Physical and environmental testing


For high value and high volume products, Crating Solutions UK Ltd can organize a whole range of physical and environmental testing to industry standards. Ensuring the effectiveness of our solution every time.

Approved to ISO 9001 & 9002 Crating Solutions UK Ltd design team ensures that all packs are designed with cost effective performance in mind. Drop testing, vibration, temperature or humidity testing are regularly performed.  The most effective test of packaging suitability – particularly for large, heavy, sensitive or expensive products – is the drop test.

Design, manufacture and supply of cost effective packaging on a just in time basis. We also offer total export packaging service worldwide destinations as part of our service.

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You can select targeted solutions, for specific needs, or combine our expertise for integrated global freight, logistics and added value solutions.


Available Testing Techniques

The effectiveness of our packaging design in protecting your product can be carried out in-house by our team of design engineers. Protecting your product during transit and handling can me established by a series of tests.

Drop - The drop test may be needed to establish how fragile the product is and what are inherent weak points. Typically a pack which can be carried by 1 man, is drop tested from a 1 meter drop height. A pack to be carried by a forklift truck may only be tested from a 20 – 30cm height. The overall purpose of the testing is to establish the effectiveness of the cushioning in the pack.

Vibration – Vibration testing is often carried out to simulate vibration during various transit conditions, by road, air or sea. This technique is used to dampen the external vibrations and avoid product damage.

Shock - The Shock testing technique is usually carried out in order to simulate rough overland haulage. The resulting sound waves reflect the effectiveness of the cushioning within the pack in reducing excessive transmission of energy, thereby eliminating damage.